Audition, November 18th




When: Sunday, November 18th, at 10am

Where: The Caravan Restaurant,

44, Guanghua Lu. Across from Brazilian Embassy
+86 10 8563 0801

Why: We are looking for,

1 Detective

1 Host

2 Actors

We are aiming at training a group of about 8 actors to perform interactive live shows at select venues. The performance is somewhat scripted, as the actors will follow a certain unfolding of events, divided into 4 acts. Actors will take most of their cues from the audience present, since the show is interactive. The shows will be in the format of a murder mystery. Due to the nature of the show, we will be selecting actors who can not only improv and act, but can also be PRESENT….that is, be in the moment.

There is no monologue needed for the audition.

This is based solely on your ability to listen and respond in the moment, be present, and work with both scripted (guided) and unscripted (improv) material.

How to prepare for the audition
  1. You MUST bring your own audition form, which must be created according to the following format

2. Front page- full page frontal face photograph. (Take your best selfie, blow it up and print it out).

3. On the back of that photograph add your details: 1) Name. 2) Phone number. 3) WeChat contact. 4) email address.

Make sure everything is easily readable. If we cannot understand it, we cannot contact you!!


What happens after the audition

Depending on the number of people, the audition process is about 2 – 3 hours. You will know immediately after the audition if you are selected.

If selected, you will receive the script for the role you have been casted to play. There will be a rehearsal following the audition, and a Q & A session. The entire process will last until 3pm.

You will then be given about 2 weeks, to know your lines, cues, and be able to handle any obstacles that go contrary to the script. Then rehearsal will begin!

Rehearsal schedule
  1. Sunday, December 2nd, 2 – 6pm
  2. Sunday, December 16th, 2 – 6pm
  3. Saturday, December 22nd, 2 – 5pm

We will expect you to commit to the rehearsal schedule and the show performance.

  1. 16 hours of free training
  2. 4-course dinner at the show
  3. Tips from the show
  4. In addition, you will receive the following cash payment immediately after the show

Host – 800rmb

Detective – 1000rmb

Seated Actors – 500rmb

If you have any additional questions, please refer to the FAQ page BEFORE emailing us.