Q: Do I have to join the troupe?

A: Absolutely not! This is not the Hotel California, you certainly can check out anytime you like. To save your own time and ours, though, it may be best to read the audition information thoroughly and also, to carefully listen to the prescreening before you audition.

Q: What if I cannot come to every performance?

A: This is why we are hiring 16 actors, we will have a rotating cast, and also have back-up in case of emergencies.

Q: What if I am a cast member, and have an emergency the day of the show?

A: Emergencies happen, and we do understand, however, after committing to the times on the schedule, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement. We will always do our best to assist, and in extenuating circumstances, we will call in a substitute. If your emergencies seem to happen with some degree of regularity, we will find a permanent replacement for you.

Q: Do I get to select my role?

A: The role will be assigned to each actor, depending on their abilities and how we see them fitting into the show. We will always cross-train the actors, and rotate them in the various roles, but keep in mind that some roles may be more challenging than others and may require specific skills. Althouth we remain open to fresh talent, in the interest of a great production, we will always reserve the right to retain particular individuals for those key roles.

Q: Do I have to pay for the membership?

A: At this moment, no. But we are still assessing how things will shake down, and though we do not see that happening, there is still the slight possibility that could change in the future. Of course, as with any adjustment to the programme, the actors will be given the opportunity to remain or leave the troupe.

Q: What if I leave immediately after training?

A: You mean, will we hunt you down and nail your hide to the wall? Nah! But that would be poor judgement on your part. The acting community in Beijing is very small…….enough said!