This organisation was founded on the premise that acting is not like a coat you wear then take off, but it is instead, life itself, something we do everyday, but never consciously acknowledge.

We believe then that with passion and dedication, anyone, regardless of age, colour, creed, or experience, can learn to hone the craft, and successfully carve out a space for themselves in some aspect of the entertainment industry.

The organisation’s main purpose therefore is to provide quality instruction and guidance, at a reasonable cost, to any and all eligible actors, who are passionate about the craft of acting and improving themselves, to ultimately contribute to the corpus of knowledge and talent in the community of the performing arts, and all that it encompasses.


Two profsssionals with nothing more than a desire to learn, teach, grow, dabble, and bring joy to everyone, through the medium of doing just what we love to do – act and entertain.

But if you really insist on digging into who we really are, then dig no further, we confess…..here is a list of all the crimes we’d willingly confess to:


enna morgan (instructor)

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Gert Marx

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