Elements of Musical Theatre


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Musical Theatre 1


This is a condensed performance experience that will introduce you, the student, to the elements of song and dance as it relates to theatre. Students will gain skills needed to integrate music and movement into their characters. They create a mini musical show, which will focus on learning select scenes and musical numbers from the American classics. The coda of this seminar is the rehearsal and staging of a musical production.

This 4-hour workshop is the first in a series of continuing musical theatre seminars.

Venue: German Embassy School, Beijing

Date: Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Time: 2pm – 6pm

Cost: 500RMB

*Please note that there are limited seats for this workshop, and only the first 15 payments received will be registered.

Elements of Musical Theater Syllabus 1


Instructor: Maria Belen Duprez

“Hello, I’m Maria. I am from the USA. This is my third year living here in Beijing. I studied technical theater at the University of Delaware. My passion is broadway musicals, but I do love non-musical theater as well. I have been teaching drama for 3 years now, and my past experiences range from a costuming intern at Disney College to being a theatre instructor and director at Dreamaker Academy and other institutions. I currently work as a theatre instructor at Limai Chinese American International School. I also enjoy movies and TV shows. I am thrilled to work with you, and look forward to our time together!”

We reserve the right to adjust the course cost, the date, and the venue according to space availability and the demands of the community. And will be happy to give a full and immediate refund should there be any conflict resulting from such changes.