Standard American Dialect



STANDARD AMERICAN DIALECT is a 4-hour, semi-private workshop, that focuses on training the student the techniques needed for adapting their accent to a more international standard dialect that is recommended for performance in the American, UK, and Canadian  entertainment industry.

It is of great value to anyone who is involved in self-improvement for public speaking and performance.

Who should take this class: This class is suggested for both Americans and non-American, who would like to improve their pronunciation for acting, professional development, international corporate communication, and general discourse.

           Venue: German Embassy School, Beijing

Date: December 3rd, 2017

Time: 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Cost: 595RMB

INSTRUCTOR: Gregory Joseph Allen (USA)
Registration for this class is ongoing, and will close after the first 8 payments have been received.

   *Please note that administrator’s approval is required before registering for this class!!

We reserve the right to adjust the course cost, the date, and the venue according to space availability and the demands of the community. And will be happy to give a full and immediate refund should there be any conflict resulting from such changes.