Actors Needed for Live Shows!

Actors, Performers, Host

for live shows in English & Chinese


Please check our calender for updates on audition, events, classes, and workshops

What You Need to Audition

          1. A PHOTO: PRINTED headshot or selfie photo with your NAME, TELE #, EMAIL, and                WECHAT. This must be PRINTED or written legibly, either on the front or back of the picture.


That’s it!


The Process

Our auditions are typically like an actor’s obstacle course, so there is no need to bring a monologue or sides. Our shows are all interactive, thus although we like actors who can improvise, and act, we place a great deal of emphasis on actors who can BE PRESENT….that is, be in the moment.

Our performances are somewhat scripted, as the actors will follow a certain unfolding of events, but actors will take most of their cues from the audience, since the shows are interactive. The shows are mainly in the format of a murder mystery, but are tailored to specific themes that may be requested and determined by the client.

              At the audition, you will learn more about being a member of this troupe, and how it all      shakes down. See you there! Be prompt!

         What Are The Auditions For?

         On-going projects: We have various projects being scheduled year-round, and are always looking for actors, and other variety performers to join our amazing team

         Have Questions? Of Course You Do! Why would you be different from everyyone else?

Please check our FAQ page and the information about our Performance Troupe before sending us an email. More than likely most of our questions will be answered there.

        Still have questions?…..Sigh!

          Contact us here.

           But be aware, our detectives have been known to anwer the phone and embark on a string of    interrogatives and conjure up wild accusations