Session 11



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* Instructor’s permission is required

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This is a semi-private class, and is limited to 7 students.

Date: Monday, October 29thth, 2018 – Monday, November 26th, 2018

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Dongzhimen South Alley,

Course Cost:  1185RMB/ 5 weeks

Instructor: enna morgan


This is an advanced acting course. This session will focus on techniques for acting in both film, and stage. Elements of stage will be integrated, but not emphasised. This course will concentrate on scene acting and character sketches, and will build on the foundations taught in Session 1.

Course Objectives:

  1. Character sketches. Understanding the role of your body, expressions, props and clothing to create a character.
  2. Miming: Students will learn advanced techniques, which will focus on story-telling, with emphasis on body, movement, and expressions.
  3. Students will prepare scenes from various films/plays and re-create them within the classroom, using specific character building techniques.
  4. Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves to create characters remote from their own, techniques from all schools of thought will be studied and integrated

Course Requirements:

  1. Previous acting experience and/ or classes are required to enter this course
  2. The course is taught in English, and so a prerequisite for entry is to have at least an intermediate level of spoken English.
  3. Students will be expected to be prepared for every class, by memorising and studying the material provided by the instructor, before the class. It is critical that you are off-book when you are in class, as it allows more time to focus on studying and practising the craft, and honing you skills, rather than on reading lines.

On the other hand, some material will be impromptu, as those lessons are designed that way, thus students will be trained in being able to pick up a piece of material and within 5 minutes, have it memorised and be ”audition ready.”

4. Students must be able to commit to the 5-week programme, drop out, and inconsistent attendance will cause you to be excluded from final production. No refunds will be given.

5. Instructor’s permission is required for registration.


*Cancellation policy: Full refunds before September 10th, after that date, there is no refund for fees paid for this course. Use scan code to pay 1185RMB. State your name and the class name when paying.


The classes are progressive, and are designed to build skills that will culminate in a production that will be filmed at the end of the 5-week session. Students will receive the footage from their final production

The Winter 2019 session, which begins in February 2019, will be announced in January 2019.

We reserve the right to adjust the course cost, the date, and the venue according to space availability and the demands of the community. And will be happy to give a full and immediate refund, before the course begins, should there be any conflict resulting from such changes.