Spring 2018


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Session 111: Character Study

Creating Characters

This 8-week course is a closed, semi-private class.

Date: Wednesday, May 2nd 2018 – Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Tsinghua University Campus

Course Cost:  885RMB/ 8 weeks

INSTRUCTOR: enna morgan

Course Objectives:

This is the third session in our acting series. This session will focus on creating a character. Elements of both stage and film will be integrated. This course will build on the foundations taught in Sessions 1 & 2, and will concentrate on

  1. Script analysis
  2. Character sketch and scene study
  3. Using costumes to create characters
  4. Props and make-up as a function of character
  5. Human behaviour and stereotypical character traits

Course requirements:

  1. It is required to have an introductory acting class, or some performance experience before entering this course.

2. The class is taught in English, and so a prerequisite for entry is to have at least an intermediate level English language skills.

3. Students will be expected to be prepared for every class, by memorising and analyzing the course material, before the class. It is critical that you are off-book when you are in class, as it allows more time to focus on studying and practising the craft, and honing your skills, rather than on reading lines.

On the other hand, some material will be impromptu, as those lessons are designed that way, thus students will be trained in being able to pick up a piece of material and within 5 minutes, have it memorised and be ”audition ready.”

5. Instructor’s permission is required for registration. Students wishing to register for this course MUST complete the prerequisites indicated above.

*Cancellation policy: Full refunds before April 15th, 2018, after that date, there is no refund for fees paid for this course, regardless of reason for cancelling. 

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