Bloody Mary 2018, at the Caravan

Only 7 tickets left!!

What: Bloody Mary, An Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Where: Caravan Restaurant, 44A Guanghua Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

When: Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Who: Beijing Fringe Theatre’s Performance Troupe.

How to get tickets: Scan the QR codeContact us for *discounted group tickets, and table prices

tel/ wechat: 13717913029 / 18515290337

Interested in being a part of the show? We’d love to involve you, and prank your loved ones or better,

your boss!

Send us an email, we love a good laugh!


About: It is a dinner + show combo, which combines a delightful concoction of murder, mystery, and mayhem with fine dining. Ticket price includes one complimentary glass of champagne.

NB: 200RMB gets you free flow of beverages for the evening (purchased directly from Caravan’s Bar)

Synopsis: Our detectives are witty, and they are wacky, but they are determined to find Bloody Mary, the killer, who may be sitting right beside you.
The evening begins casually like any other, and before you can finish your hummus and delicious fatoush salad, your dinner mates are being stabbed, and detectives are rushing into the crime scene, where they will spend 3 hours of intense investigation.
They will interview you, interrogate you, and even accuse you of the most vicious crime – murder. But stay strong, as they will have a line up, and a re-enactment and will do everything that they can to track down the killer, which may exonerate you, or implicate you, as you picture may show up as evidence (we have our ways!) of your participation in the murder of the 3 victims.
There is no doubt that you will have a great time, but what is dubious is: Do you REALLY know the person you came with?
Everyone is a suspect………You just don’t know who to trust!
But remember you must DRESS TO KILL, as there is a prize for the  best dressed ”detective-looking” type!
(1) The best dressed ”Sherlock Holmes” will be selected at the beginning of  the show
(2) Two winners will be awarded a prize for accurately identifying the killer in the room. Prize will be awarded at the end of the show.


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Check out photos from our last show, Bloody Mary, December 2017

*Seats are limited, so promotional discounts are only good until supply lasts. All tickets are non-refundable, but fully refundable if the show is cancelled