Interactive Theatre

          Who We Are

                             We are a travelling performance team, per se. We are for hire privately, or      publicly in and around China

           What We Do

          Private parties (Birthdays, Anniversaries, All occasions)

        Company parties (Team-building, Celebration dinners)

          Theme Parties (Disney, Hats, Period Costumes, Carnivale)


Our performers

Our troupe consists of trained actors, hosts, and assorted performers who are conversant in both English and Chinese. In addition to acting, many of them sing, dance, perform burlesque, play instruments, and have garnered assorted other talents, which all serve to delight even the most fastidious of audiences.

How it works

You hire us for your show, and we immediately set about to:

  1. Create the script according to the theme
  2. Procure the necessary costumes and props (not included in price)
  3. Assist in planning the set design (only design, not execution)
  4. Rehearse
  5. Show up on the show date, and……. ta-dah! We wow your guests.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting so that we can plan your next events!